Brooklyn 4.4.6

    Brooklyn 4.4.6

    Is ready for download in few hours!
    Happy weekend guys!

    Version 4.4.6

    -- NEW FEATURE: Overworked Demo 3
    -- NEW FEATURE: Added Fixed Header Support
    -- NEW FEATURE: Added Pricing Table Module for VC
    -- NEW FEATURE: Overworked Video Shortcode with new loader and caption
    -- NEW FEATURE: Added Portfolio Showcase as Module into VC
    -- NEW FEATURE: Custom Menu Item Separator for default Navigation
    -- NEW FEATURE: UnitedThemes Ajax Video Player for VC
    -- NEW FEATURE: Added Lazy Load to Image Gallery Module for faster page loading
    -- NEW FEATURE: New Team Meber Style 5

    -- INFO: Update to Slider Revolution
    -- INFO: Top Header can now be set to centered
    -- INFO: Switched Position of Email and Phone in Top Header
    -- INFO: changed target self to target blank for social icons in subfooter
    -- INFO: Update to Service Column Vertical Module
    -- INFO: Update to Service Column Module
    -- INFO: Update to BKLYN 5 Number Counter Module
    -- INFO: Update to Progress Cricle Module

    -- fixed an issue with elements not animating when loaded in viewport unless user scrolled
    -- fixed an issue with count up box not counting when loaded in viewport unless user scrolled
    -- fixed an issue with external links in portfolio
    -- fixed an issue with icon position in progress circle
    -- fixed an issue with progress circle animation
    -- fixed an issue with mobile menu opening without background
    -- fixed an issue with hero parallax
    -- fixed an issue with
    -- fixed an issue with fancy images in safari
    -- fixed an issue with missing color options for icon tabs with Brooklyn Icons
    Support Times: Monday to Friday (Central European Time)
    Response Time: 12-48 hours (depending on workload)

    Please, do not send any private messages before I have asked for!

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