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  • In fact in the support the girl never help me to fix the error in the ligthbox, but in the case of my client, he want the slide up, and stay with this effect, but he doesn't like the time of load de picture. He said it's very slow and the symbol of loading it's a little ugly. For this reason i'm asking in this section of pre sale questions. Because i want to make a page to another client, and i don't want problems with the new client for the same reason.
  • One of my clients have these theme and i saw this "deffect" in the momento when i saw that i did make the question in the support forum with the username of my client. But i want to buy these theme, but i need know if you gonna fix that long time to load in the slide up. In the support the girl who responded me just told me NO. And i thinks it's something important make the load of images fast in portfolio, even without this load symbol. I just wanna know if you plan fix that or not because its a little limittant the options you have in portfolio and more if load slow, the resto of the theme i love it but this section for me is important
  • Problems with porftolio


    Hi i want to buy this theme, but i want to know something first, i have a ona problem with some of my clients, the options of SlideUp in the Portfolio show a loading animation and for all my clients its disturbing and very lazy, the images load so slowly, i want to know if in your next release your gonna fix that?? i ask for these things in the support of my clients account, and another thing is since the last update, the ligthbox in some pages doesnt work, only show the image in the new page. I have already re instal the update and i have the same problem.

    Sincerely, Rosa Mora