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  • That looks so so awesome, the new header is exactly what I'll need on the current site that I am building (had to custom CSS my way through centering the logo), so that will add a lot of value and give new design options.

    The header animation looks sleek! You guys are doing a fantastic job, the hard work is so worth it! I saw Brooklyn featured on a shopify landing page the other day, great achievement! (Attaching a screenshot, and see it here:

    I have 2 website projects coming up, one of them is my own brainchild (a shop), so I am looking forward to some serious woocommerce customizations with Brooklyn 5!
    • Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 14.26.02.png

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  • Currently we are working on many fronts.

    The next patch is 4.9 at will contains many new header layouts + better header animations. Big update for demo 23 (many new sub pages) update to demo 15 and the new demo 42. A big update for the portfolio plugin and much more.
    Preparing Brooklyn for full WooCoomerce!

    After this big update we will release Brooklyn 5.

    Key feature is WooCoomerce + Big Shop Demo!

    p.s. the landing page is not done currently and we will bring back the user showcase! As I said we working on many fronts.

    Thanks for your support and therefore we love you :)

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    • better-header-animation.gif

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  • Awesome, thank you so much for the update!! I am sure a there's a lot of users excited to see what you do with woo. Any testing / feedback / feature ideas you need, I am happy to help.
    Take care and rock on!

    PS - You are already the best site on the market. Hands down.

  • Hi,

    thanks for your support :) We really appreciate it! This year! We have to build the best shop website on the market :) this cost time.

    Thank you

    Have a nice day!
  • Woocommerce when in 2018?


    Hi team,

    Huge fan of your theme!
    I wanted to know when exactly Woocommerce will be added?
    I have a new project I am starting on now that will need shop functionality later on, would love to go with brooklyn again but only if woocommerce is on the horizon.
    Any more exact dates would be helpful.