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  • Hi, no we don't have a demo for car rental but since the main feature of such as website is based on a rental system (which needs to be a plugin) you can use almost every demo. Plugin example:…em-for-wordpress/21663173

  • Hi, I'm afraid that out of the box this is not possible. This is a very specific type of menu.

  • Hi, please use the builder version we deliver with the theme since it customized and contains features which are not part of the default builder. According to woocommerce, yes you can sell digital goods, that not related to the theme since it's a plugin related feature. See:…oadable-product-handling/

  • Hi, yes it works as intended with 5.4 All the Best

  • Hi, yes that's correct both theme have a totally different boilerplate and are not compatible. Quote from yankos: “That would mean that I can choose any theme, Brooklin or another, the difficulty would be the same. ” Correct.

  • Hi, yes since it relies on the theme version, not the demo. And as written, it needs to be optimized with a cache plugin. But also consider that having a hosting plan for 2$ a month might not turn out as a good choice if you want good site speed. Because the server is very important too.

  • Hi, if this is an issue we will definitely address this. Since it requires further testing I don't have any feedback yet but you can be sure that when it turns out as a bug it will be fixed by us.

  • Hi, Quote from Sergey: “Tell me please, can I use the theme where the one-page option is used but to remake it under multi-page? ” Yes that's possible. But section needs to be merged into the front page then. But you can also use one-page systems as multi pages and vice versa. Its just a matter of settings. Quote from Sergey: “And my question - can I increase fonts in top menu where Phone and E-mail? ” Yes but only from predefined sizes. 12 - 14 - 16. Since the space is limited.

  • The last website is not a Brooklyn theme. The speed differences can have different reasons. In case of the Yoga Demo, this demo is not updated to the latest theme version while #42 is running on the most recent version in combination with an optimized cache plugin. The config for the cache is part of the download package of the theme. Also, the server location is important and has impact on the test. It basically reflects the customer audience. If you are selling products in europe as test from …

  • Hi, if you need support, please register with the forum. As a guest, no support provided. We also recommend using gtmetrix instead of google page speed since its easier to understand.

  • Hi, left you an answer on the PM.

  • Hi, dashboard update became available with 4.9.3. Once you purchased the theme, you can download the latest version You need to update manually then and afterwards all updates will show up in your dashboard. 4.9 should be compatible with 5.4 but as always, run a backup before updating.

  • About support

    Matthias - - Forum Help


    Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by "community" support. Since we don't have a free version of the theme, the support is only available to customers with a valid support status. We still allow people to post on some sub forums, so they can report for example issue with are related to the theme. This way they don't have to purchase a support ticket if the nature of the issue is related to the theme and caused by us. Quote from leohans: “It's a very disappointing thing to have bought a product that …

  • Hi, yes that's correct. I'd like to investigate this issue. In this case, I need a temporary admin dashboard access. Please use the conversation button at the top of the forum or use this link…ConversationAdd/?userID=2 to provide me the login data.

  • Hi, please check Settings > Media and make sure "Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders" is active.

  • Hi Oliver, Welcome to our support forum My name is Matthias and I'm here to help with all your theme related questions and issues. The error message is incomplete. From our experience, the error message refers to the plugin folder with a subfolder named only with numerics. This is somehow related to WordPress. Such as : wp-content/plugins/322334564234/ If that's the case, please open your FTP Client and create the folder "322334564234" manually in wp-content/plugins/ That should solve the issue.…

  • changing hero copy - help please

    Matthias - - Forum Help


    Hi, support is closed over the weekend. I left you an answer on the other thread.

  • My licence is not working

    Matthias - - Forum Help


    Hi, it should work now.

  • My licence is not working

    Matthias - - Forum Help


    Hi, I still can't login without accepting the SSL conflict. So it's not solved 100%. In meantime please go to: And free up a registration. Let me know when the SSL is fixed.…b35d8bb0ea11c9ae3a455ef58

  • Hi, thanks for the login. I can access all parts of the Backend without any restrictions. Did you change anything in meantime? Have you tried a different browser?