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  • [UPDATE] Brooklyn Roadmanp 2018

    offcstore - - Community News


    SUPER! ~ This news is super, thanks for the update! It will be a MONSTROUS UPDATE! There's a ~huge~ work behind it, so a great applause without adding anything else - Thank you. I (I speak for myself, of course) will wait with absolute calm and patience, sure that the result will be excellent, as usual. * * * I wish you a good job and...take the necessary time! * * *

  • Hi, this is really-really good news - I wait with confidence >> Brooklyn 4.9 << and in the meantime...I wish you a good job! ~ Thank you for your prompt reply.

  • Hi, I would kindly like to have some information on the possibilities to "header/navigation styling and setup" that you have planned for the upcoming Brooklyn version 4.9. I would like to place/stylize the elements of my menu in the same way that you can see on Cisco website at this address > And so: 1) left: menu with burger icon ~ 2) middle: logo ~ 3) right: search-icon/search-box, account login (with cart, checkout and so on to set up a small e-commerce), language menu/switcher (to …