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  • Hi, the theme itself doe not has such a feature but ou can use a plugin for this approach such as:…ng-and-scheduling/7226091 But you need to decide which plugins suits your needs. The mentioned one is just an example.

  • Hi, you can manage your licenses here:

  • Hi, yes the slider can be a factor, it has a lot of dependencies. Quote from handmadesupport: “Would limiting the animation throughout the site improve mobile speed? (& is there an easy way to try this?) ” Yes that could happen, because the layout does not "shift" so much. Usually modules have options to deactivate the animation on mobiles. Maybe you should start with hose ones, which are directly in viewport when the site is loaded. Quote from pbeezy: “My page is loading slow when I have the pl…

  • Donde cambiar slider

    Matthias - - Forum Help


    Hi, Welcome to our support forum My name is Matthias, and I'm here to help with all your theme related questions and issues. Please write in English if possible. I'm not sure which slider you are talking about or which element. Could you share a link with us showing the element you are talking about?

  • Hi, I'm afraid technically seen you already maxed everything out. The site is loading almost instantly which is very good. However, you need to understand the nature of these tests.…light=audience#post116091 And I also recommend reading:…-your-problem/396768/amp/ We are constantly improving the speed, but the theme is not a mobile first solution and every loaded CSS line which is not used on the current site is a downgrade in score, a…

  • Hi, what exactly do you mean by bullet points feature?

  • Hi, yes you can directly purchase the theme via this link: Once purchased you will be able to download all theme files and a license file. The theme files can be used to install the theme in a WordPress Installation which at least requires a hosting plan from a hosting company. Once the theme has been installed you can use the license you received with your purchase to activate the theme. This will unlock our Website Installer allowing you to install the demo of your choice…

  • Hi, ok than add this in addition: Source Code (3 lines)

  • Hi, the CSS does not even affect the menu. Is the CSS in place now or not?

  • Hi, Please add the following CSS to "Theme Options" > "Advanced" > "Custom CSS" Source Code (7 lines)

  • Hi, do not work with the filter, as I wrote on the CSS is relevant. Could you share a link showing a category on your site?

  • Hi, see the CSS Snippet I provided here: Category page

  • Hi, if the "renew support" option is not showing up on the product page, it's not the account you have purchased the theme with I guess. Or can you see the item as a download on this page: If that's the case, please contact envato since we do not have any control over the license system on their end:

  • Hi, it can take a moment until it refreshes. The status switched in the meantime and you can now participate on the forum.

  • Hi, you talk about the download at themeoforest? Have you tried a different browser?

  • Hi, hm, that's strange usually the screenshots you posted must show the overview tab. Sure that you are logged in with the account you purchased the theme with?

  • License not updated.

    Matthias - - Forum Help


    Nevermind, just saw you left me a message. Account is updated now.

  • License not updated.

    Matthias - - Forum Help


    Hi, could you please send me the new license via link:…ConversationAdd/?userID=2 I will update it in your account then. Optionally enter your new license and check it:

  • Hi, feel free to send me an admin login. Please use the conversation button at the top of the forum or use this link…ConversationAdd/?userID=2 to provide me the login data. Do you have any error logs you can share with me? Note, that its Monday and I have a lot of tickets to resolve today, so my answer can take a while.

  • Hi, which PHP Version is running on your server? It should be at least 7 - lower version will not work. Is Server Health all green?