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  • Hi Mattias, Does the theme support direct HTML 5 video? Ideally we don't want to have to host from Vimeo or Youtube. Thanks so much. Also please note: we just purchased the theme with support - so please disregard the "support expired" shown here.

  • Hi Matthias, Thanks for the response. Three short questions: What is your timing on adding the ability to have GIFS as thumbnails for the portfolio? Does the theme ship with dummy content? Also, confirming it's possible to have video playing as backgrounds? Please let me know as this is the last item we need to check off our list in order to purchase the theme. All the best, Anthony

  • Hi Matthias, Thanks for the quick response. To clarify - we can use GIFS on the site (we will upload the file to our server) but can not have gifs as the thumbnail for a portfolio. Correct? Hoping we can show a GIF in the portfolio, we are an agency and GIFS are sometimes deliverables we feature in our portfolio. Thanks again, looking forward to your response. Best, Anthony

  • Hi Marcel, Thanks for the response. To clarify then - we can NOT currently use GIFs instead of JPGS for portfolios? Can we use GIFS anywhere in the site? Can you let me know WHEN we will be able to use GIFS? This will help us determine if we can purchase the theme. Also - are you or your team available for custom project work this month and January? Please let me know. Thank you, Anthony

  • Hi there, we've bought several themes from United Themes and love them. We are planning to buy but would like to know if it's possible to use GIFS instead of photos for main portfolio image? Can you send a link to layout options for interior pages? Also, would like to know if you are available to customize the theme for our agency this month or early January. Thanks so much, looking forward to hearing back. All the best, Anthony