Considering purchasing- but one question about the portfolio

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  • Considering purchasing- but one question about the portfolio

    I love this theme and really am keen on purchasing it.

    But one question in regards to the portfolio and video examples linked to youtube. When I tested it on my mobile device (iphone 6) and clicked the video example in the portfolio, it prompted me to leave the webpage and open youtube app to watch. Is it possible to have the video play on the website through a mobile device without opening youtube or vimeo app?
    This other theme which I am considering allows videos to play on a mobile webpage without opening other apps. But I like the Brooklyn theme much better then this, appreciate your time.
  • Hi there,

    Very sorry for the long delay in response. I have been on medical leave for 2 weeks so this is why I am getting back to you so late.

    You should actually be able to play these videos on the page. I am not sure why you are getting prompted to use the youtube or vimeo app. We haven't included anything in our code to cause that, so maybe it's just the phone detecting the youtube/vimeo links and considering it would be best to open them with the app. I am not sure why the behavior is different for the other theme.
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