Categories portfolio

    Categories portfolio

    hello, I'd like to show all videos in all my categories with above, links to different categories and sub categories, when clicking on a category, only videos in this category should be displayed, can you help me please

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    hello, I would like all my videos in all my categories to be displayed but I can click on a category or sub-category and videos of that category or subcategory are displayed

    i want to show on my "works" section, all videos of my categories with a link to:
    - category 1 > - subcategory A and subcategory B
    - category 2
    - category 3
    - category 4

    if i clik on category 1 > show only videos of category 1 and subcategories
    - subcategory A
    - subcategory B

    if i clik on subcategory A > show only videos of subcategory A

    Anybody to help me ?



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