unwanted space above footer

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  • unwanted space above footer

    Some of my pages have an unwanted space above the footer and below the last elements on the page. Why is this? How do I get rid of it?

    It looks like an empty section, but in the page builder, there's no section there to delete. I went in to the Hero page settings and made the bottom padding 0px, and it still shows a space.

    Any ideas?
  • Unwanted space also

    Hi! I also have this problem. A way of seeing it was I had a space above my footer but now that I have removed my footer I have still the same space under my hero section. How can we get rid of this? I tried applying custom css to the homepage but cannot fin what class show I modify because the div contains a lot of classes and ids when I look it up in the chrome inspector. Would appretiate any help a lot.

    Thank you.