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    Hi there,

    I am using a previous version of your current version of Brooklyn which was lent by a colleague so I could test the theme. I really like it and I would like to purchase it. However, I have a few questions, as I couldn't figure out the answers to them and I need to this before I buy.

    1 - I already made a whole website with an older version of Brooklyn. Can I EASILY update to the latest version manually without losing any customization? (Meaning, I don't want to design the whole site again, I just want to update the theme and have everything running as it is now with the latest version).

    2 - With your theme, we have to set up a Home Page and then use the Menu items in order to make the sections of the site. (Normally in a one page site). Is it possible to have two different pages as Main pages? I mean, can I have Page A with Menu A (and the submenus as sections) and then Page B with another menu and different submenus as sections as well?

    I'm asking this mainly because I want to have the site in two different languages. So I have a main page (In English) with a normal Menu and one of the Items of the Menu is not a section but a link to the second language (Spanish). I can easily make a page and declare it as a Single Page and not a section but then, when the menu appears in that page it's in English and those links are linking to the main page sections in English.

    I already made the translation myself and I want to have my own translation not an automated one. My page is mainly informative and the text almost never changes.

    I do not want to pay for the WPML plugin and the other free plug ins out there aren't any good. It's such a simple thing and I can't find a way around it and I don't want to invest in a theme if I can't have both languages.

    I hope everything makes sense and I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.