Brooklyn: how to re-purchase theme to get support for client who bought the theme years ago

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  • Brooklyn: how to re-purchase theme to get support for client who bought the theme years ago

    Hi, My client's first web designer bought the Brooklyn theme for her site a few years ago. She now needs changes and I have questions about the theme as her new designer. I need to be able to purchase the theme again to get access to support. Do I need to purchase it again in association with her WP site/account? She doesn't have any purchase/account/license key info anymore. If I purchase it again on her behalf with my own EnvatoMarket account, is that enough in order to get access to support on her behalf, or do I have to have it tied to her original theme purchase? Thanks
  • Hi,

    if she does not has a license she is not eligible to use the theme. The license is what grants the right to use the theme. Anyways, if you purchase a license now, you will get a period of 6 month support as well. So you can communicate with our support and you will also receive a license key, which at the end should be handed over to the client. Hope that clarifies.
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  • theme re-purchase

    Thanks for your reply. I understand that you're saying that my client has to have a license to use the theme (which she thought her first designer’s theme purchase gave her, indefinitely). Two questions:

    1) Are you saying it is an annual purchase requiring renewal to be valid (vs. a 1-time purchase)?
    2) I need clarification on how a newly re-purchased license key will work for her moving forward. For example, if I help her buy the theme again, will all of her site have to be set up all over again? Or can we integrate the new license key with what she already has built and go forward with changes building off of that?

    Thanks again-