version 4.9.1 and woocommerce

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  • version 4.9.1 and woocommerce

    Hi, I have been interested in purchasing this theme for awhile to use for my webshop. Does the new update include a shop (make it easier to use woocommerce with the theme) or will that come in a future update? If it is a future update, is there an idea of when this will happen? Thanks.
  • Hi,

    thanks for getting in touch with us.

    With the recent update we made polishments to the default shop, added a cart and an account features to header and top header. You are fully covered with all the necessary woocommerce stuff.

    With upcoming updates we will focus to add more shop features as well as shop demos. We have some outstanding woo commerce ideas we will bring to live with Brooklyn.

    I added a screenshot showing the base markup.

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