Question about parallax effect

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  • Question about parallax effect

    Hi, am seriously thinking about buying the Brooklyn theme, looks great.

    However before I do I had a question about the parallax effect with background images. Can you vary the rate of parallax? ie. in one instance can you have the background image as static whilst the foreground window and content scrolls over it and in another instance could you have the background image scroll but at a different rate to the foreground content? And can you vary those relative scroll rates?

  • Hi Matthias, thanks for the response.

    Having looked at a variety of websites I don't think I'm so bothered after all about parallax, I think the effect I prefer is when the header image or a background image stays static and the rest of the pages scrolls over it.

    I've seen both these effects on different Brooklyn templates, so I assume you can choose to activate parallax or keep an image static or have scroll with the page is that right?