Brooklyn 5 - News from the front!

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  • Brooklyn 5 - News from the front!

    Hello friends,

    at first we have to say: WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

    We have some good news for everyone who is exited as us about Brooklyn 5.

    All features we have planed for Brooklyn 5 are ready now.

    We are 3 steps away from the release of Brooklyn 5.

    1. Now we have to fix all bugs and we need to improve the UI/UX testing all new features ect. incl. the first woocommerce demo.

    2. Creating/finishing all new demos inkl. some redesign versions. We have some awesome demos in pipeline!

    3. Preparing Marketing / New Brooklyn 5 Landing Page

    I think we will roll out in 1 or 2 weeks ( maybe a liitle bit earlier a version for our Beta Tester ).

    Until then stay tuned!

    Brooklyn 5 will rock everything what we created before!

    Support Times
    Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm (Berlin, Germany)
    Monday to Friday 6pm - 3am (Melbourne, Australia)
    Monday to Friday 3am - 12am (Brooklyn, USA)
    Monday to Friday 12am - 9am (Los Angeles, USA)

    Response Time
    12-48 hours (depending on workload)
    Please, do not send any private messages before I have asked for!