Can't create a thread in the Brooklyn Forum

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  • Can't create a thread in the Brooklyn Forum

    I'm trying to update my theme from 2.8.1 and I think I'm going to need other versions because when I updated to the current version, my site is not working properly. Theme Options were lost. Tried to find out how to post to forum about Brooklyn and don't have the option to Create Thread.

    If we cannot get the new theme version working without me having to rebuild my site completely, I'd like a refund.

  • Hi,

    the status takes some time to update since we are not allowed to constantly hammer the Envato API.

    You account updated in meantime so you can now post on the forum.
    Support Times: Monday to Friday (Central European Time)
    Response Time: 12-48 hours (depending on workload)
    Please, do not send any private messages before I have asked for!