Portfolio slide up

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  • Portfolio slide up

    I currently use a 3rd party plugin for galleries as there is a specific feature I’d like to keep and is unavailable in your image options. It seems I could use the plugin shortcodes on separate portfolio pages, but could I use 3rd party plugin gallery if I choose slide up portfolio option instead?
  • Before I buy

    I apologize, this question should have included “before I buy, is this an option?” Because my client is very particular about her plugin being available on the main page for her portfolio. She is only interested in the slide up feature for her portfolio but must use this plugin to run the gallery in the slide up. I cannot seem to find any information anywhere about specific limitations and I don’t have a support login because she hasn’t bought this template yet. Is there somewhere else I should post this question? The documentation I found during my search appears outdated and I couldn’t find anyone that uses this option with the slide up but rather your gallery builder.