Brooklyn 4.9.4

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  • Brooklyn 4.9.4

    Changelog for Brooklyn 4.9.4

    Happy weekend guys ;)

    -- NEW FEATURE: New Demo #44
    -- NEW FEATURE: Added 11 New Templates based on Demo #44
    -- NEW FEATURE: Added New Typewriter Effect for Word Rotator Module

    -- NEW FEATURE: Added New Preloader Animation Style Animated Background Text
    -- INFO: Now includes 10 awesome Preloader Styles with lots of Customization Options

    -- IMPROVEMENT React Slider
    -- NEW FEATURE: Autoplay now changes direction when navigation has been used
    -- NEW FEATURE: Added optional Preloader displaying until React Slider is loaded
    -- INFO: Preloader Font Color is adjustable via Showcase Settings. Preloader Font Style is based on React Carousel Title Font Settings

    -- IMPROVEMENT Custom Mouse Cursor
    -- NEW FEATURE: Added Rotation Animation when another page is loading
    -- NEW FEATURE: Added Cursor Size Option
    -- INFO: Changed Position Calculation for better performance while moving

    -- IMPROVEMENT Morph Lightbox
    -- NEW FEATURE: Morph Box now closeable by click on Morph Zoom Image

    -- IMPROVEMENT Skewed Image Border Module
    -- NEW FEATURE: You can now define a border to separate images

    -- IMPROVEMENT 3 Image Fader
    -- NEW FEATURE: Added Background Position Option for each Image

    -- IMPROVEMENT Video Hero
    -- NEW FEATURE: Added Background Position Option for Poser Images

    -- Hero Title and Hero Description are no longer parsed into Open Graph tags when Hero has been deactivated

    -- fixed an animation bug on portfolio zoom in firefox
    -- fixed an issue with icon picker not displaying some icon sets in frontend editor
    -- fixed an issue with website installer button on lower screen resolutions
    -- fixed an issue with alternate mobile retina logo no switching correctly
    -- fixed an issue with media library colorpicker firing too fast causing saving issues
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