A few questions. Personal Creative Portfolio

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  • A few questions. Personal Creative Portfolio

    Sorry if some of these questions are stupid, but I am new in the Wordpress world :).

    1. Am I able to add a dowload button so people can download my CV right from the website?
    2. Can I incoperate a blog?
    3. Am I able to combine diffrent sections from diffrent templates (for example the roadmap from the " ICO Token Sale" template, with the header from the "Personal Creative Portfolio" theme?.
    4. Can I modify all the colors (for example make my website's background black instead of white"?.
    5. Is this template SEO friendly and does it load fast?
    6. Do you offer some kind of student discount or do you have an upcoming sale date (like you did on cyber monday for example)?

  • Hello, Silaz,

    nice that you are here ;) there are no stupid questions only stupid answers!

    1.) Yes

    2.) Yes

    3.) Yes but sometimes you have to rebuild the section.

    A short explanation on this.

    All Brooklyn demos can do the same thing. For each Brooklyn website all Heroes and modules as well as headers are available. If a section template is not available, you can easily rebuild it with the supplied modules.
    Everything in Brooklyn can be combined. There is no limit to creativity. The only limit is your imagination.

    4.) Yes

    5.) Yeah, and with the next free update, Brooklyn will be even faster.


    Brooklyn is built SEO friendly. But you have to optimize your website SEO friendly yourself. For this purpose there are a lot of SEO plugins that are compatible with Brooklyn.

    6.) I'm afraid not.
    Best regards


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