Demo installation problem

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  • Demo installation problem

    I am a designer
    Could not install demo.

    "Could not save demo xml. Please make sure PHP "XML" and "fileinfo" extension are active. "
    On screen (attached file) .

    I don't know what you're talking about.
    Please help me.
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  • Hi,

    Welcome to our support forum :) My name is Matthias and I'm here to help with all your theme related questions and issues.

    These 2 extension are part of the PHP on your WebServer.

    I recommend checking back with your hosting provider about these extensions. Usually they should be able to activate them.

    If the error persists, feel free to provide me a login via PM and I will check your website. Please use the conversation button at the top of the forum or use this link…ConversationAdd/?userID=2 to provide me the login data.
    Support Times: Monday to Friday (Central European Time)
    Response Time: 12-48 hours (depending on workload)
    Please, do not send any private messages before I have asked for!