purchasing licence for updates help

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  • purchasing licence for updates help

    Hi, we had a developer install your theme on our website some time ago. I'm familiar enough with the theme that we would like to be able to purchase our own license for it for the ability to upgrade from version 4.9 as multiple pages aren't working with the front end editor at present. Before I do this, I want to make sure there's somewhere for me to plug the license in, because I may be missing something, but I'm not seeing it in the Brooklyn>Dashboard area. Is there a screen shot of where to plug the new license in? Also, is the latest version safe to use with wordpress 5.4?

  • Hi,

    dashboard update became available with 4.9.3. Once you purchased the theme, you can download the latest version You need to update manually then and afterwards all updates will show up in your dashboard.

    4.9 should be compatible with 5.4 but as always, run a backup before updating.
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