Pixelated and blurred images on your demo (mobile version)

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  • Pixelated and blurred images on your demo (mobile version)


    I see pixelated and blurry images on your main demo 42 (themeforest.unitedthemes.com/wpversions/brooklyn/demo42/) and the others one.

    I attached two screenshots. The logos and photos are OK in desktop version, but in mobile (iPhone 7) the images are totally pixelated. I don't know why. It's normal with your theme? It happens in all the demos I've checked.

    Could you say if I buy the theme, it will happen? I love your theme and posibilites... and It's very bad cause it seems a problem of you.


  • Hi,

    if this is an issue we will definitely address this. Since it requires further testing I don't have any feedback yet but you can be sure that when it turns out as a bug it will be fixed by us.
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    Response Time: 12-48 hours (depending on workload)
    Please, do not send any private messages before I have asked for!