Little error on your demo site & WooComerce

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  • Little error on your demo site & WooComerce


    I went on your site to see if you already added some design for create a shop with Brooklyn for my site and i saw this little error.

    Best regards

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  • Thanks Oli.
    Best regards


    All about Option Hierarchy

    Click --> Option Hierarchy

    Support Times

    Support response time can be up to 2 business days.

    Monday to Frida
    y 9am - 6pm (Berlin, Germany)
    Monday to Friday 6pm - 3am (Melbourne, Australia)
    Monday to Friday 3am - 12am (Brooklyn, USA)
    Monday to Friday 12am - 9am (Los Angeles, USA)

    Please, do not send any private messages before I have asked for. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    I would like to suggest your theme to my prospects, and i like to know if i can add to my site some of your demos like that my prospects can try them directly and order your them.
    The issue with this kind of demo is that people can in some cases directly build them without us, with this solution i can manage that.

    And one more question, your theme still dont support Gutenberg and when that will come?

    Best regards

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