Customizing Header and footer areas

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  • Customizing Header and footer areas


    I like your library of modules, layouts ect.

    Question: We currently use a Template that allows us to do the following:

    1. We can edit the Headers and Footers. (example: add social Icons or search in a Header "or" remove Social Icons or search from a Header area. Or we can add a column in a Header with unique Html.

    2. We can apply different Headers and/or Footer do different pages.

    Example: We built a site that has a Corporate site, and 2 of their main division. Each of the 3 areas of the site have Unique Headers and Footers. Is this possible with your ( Theme?

    3. Is the editing similar to WP Bakery? Do you have an example on "how" we can update / edit the site? (note: I've been a developing website for over 20 years. We are advance HTML/CSS front end capabilities who have worked on dozens of platforms.

    4. On custom sites, do you have additional support that we can pay for one of your develops time?

    We are looking to be able to move quickly to buy a new theme. I hope to hear from a representative soon.

    Thanks in advance,