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    -- NEW FEATURE : New Demo #49 Light Brooklyn


    -- info : added an option to group images inside the lightbox with other galleries
    -- info : exchanged lazy load preloader wih a modern one
    -- info : fixed an issue with galleries grouping with other galleries in lightbox


    -- info : fixed an issue with images from other image galleries displaying in lightgallery
    -- info : fixed an issue with 1 column option in image gallery module-- info : fixed an issue with packery not sorting correctly on mobile in some cases
    -- info : fixed an issue wih custom link acting like parents in menu not highlighted correctly.
    -- info : fixed an issue with image reveal on single images module causing image not to load
    -- info : update to Portfolio Plugin info : update to Shortcode Plugin
    • 49-light.png

      354.71 kB, 1,080×1,080, viewed 1 times
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