Brooklyn Demo 51

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  • Brooklyn Demo 51

    Good afternoon everyone,

    I have a friend of mine that uses Brooklyn for their website needs and recently recommended it to me, I took a look at the demo sites shown on the website and asked my friend if he could load demo 51 on a spare hosted server that's not in use for me to play around with but whenever they try to import the demo they're presented with the following message:

    "could not save demo xml. please make sure php "xml" and "fileinfo" extension are active. please contact your hosting provider. if the error persists, please contact theme support."

    We've tried several other demos that don't have any issues when importing them, so is there a known issue with this demo?

    If this can be resolved then I would purchase the Brooklyn Theme as this demo seems to be perfect for my needs, but I'm hesitant if a paid user is unable import the demo content.

    Many thanks,