Brooklyn Demo #03 Menu Not Working

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  • Brooklyn Demo #03 Menu Not Working

    Hi Support,

    I installed the Brooklyn Theme Demo #03 successfully, however, the main menu installed on multiple lines and I haven't been able find a way to fix it. I have reinstalled the site already but the same error occurs. See attached. Any help is appreciated.
    • Screenshot_5.png

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  • Hi,

    it the structure under Apperance > Menus nested ? If not, you have to nest them manually - means you have to drag and drop the items under the parent elements with a slight offset to the right.
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  • Hi Matthias,

    After looking into it a bit further, I was able to fix the issue. You were correct about having to nest them manually. Additionally, the site install seems to duplicate the menu and half were not nested, which caused the error. I was able to remove any duplicates and nest what was needed.

    Thanks for your help.