Portfolio - how to remove CATEGORY: name of category

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  • Portfolio - how to remove CATEGORY: name of category

    How to remove the word CATEGORY. The name of category should stay.(INVICTA)
    I put Invicta category in the menu. When I'm clicking on it I don't want to see the word Category.
    Please help

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  • Hi,

    Welcome to our support forum :) My name is Matthias, and I'm here to help with all your theme related questions and issues.

    Please add the following CSS to "Theme Options" > "Advanced" > "Custom CSS"

    Source Code

    1. .archive #ut-hero .hero-title {
    2. color: transparent;
    3. position: relative;
    4. }
    5. .archive #ut-hero .hero-title > span {
    6. position: absolute;
    7. left: 0;
    8. }
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