Brooklyn Theme - question about Video

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  • Brooklyn Theme - question about Video

    I'm going to purchase Brooklyn Theme. Meanwhile, I'm creating my video. I have 2 questions :
    - on the sample with the ferrari, the general tone of the video is grey, with a kinf of filter on it. Has it been made by the author of the video, or is it a effect due to the theme itself ?
    - and is there a maximal size for the video file ?
    Thank you.
  • Hi!

    The video does have a grid overlay as a style element just to make it a hint darker but the general color theme of it is definitely a monochrome one!
    There is no maximum size per se, but it needs to be considered that people visit your website to know information, not to watch a video unless it's the portfolio and they chose to. So I wouldn't make it too long.

    All the best
    Thanks and all the best!

    – Mel (inactive - I wish you guys all the best! xo Mel)