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  • Header Changes

    Hi, I am looking at purchasing the Nevada Theme (themeforest.unitedthemes.com/wpversions/nevada/1/contact/)

    My colleagues would like to know 2 things before going ahead.

    1. Can the phone number be made bigger (they want a really large phone number for a call to action).

    2. Are we able to put a bit text under the phone number (or under the social media icons) that says 'Request a Call Back' and then when they click on it, a pop up comes up with a contact form. This might be a plugin that we need to add to the site, but we want to know if it is possible to add something like this to the header? A sample that they want to replicate is something like the header of this page: betaview.com.au/

    3. Can we remove the social icons from the header and just have a large phone number and request a call back text?

    4. Can we have side bars on pages (e.g. widget sidebar that if we select a side bar option it shows that widget on the page).

    They wanted to confirm this before going ahead with the theme.