Pre-sale Brooklyn Questions

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  • Pre-sale Brooklyn Questions

    Hi UT, I have a couple of quick questions I'm hoping you can help with:
    1. Am I able to insert HTML snippets anywhere desired? We're using Infusionsoft for our marketing automation and would need to embed forms etc....

    2. Would we be able to create one-off landing pages? If so, is there a maximum? Planning seperate landings for each marketing campaign

    3. Can Parallax modules/sections be re-ordered?

    4. How is SEO addressed? Are the various modules of the parallax stack distinguished from one another in the code for SE indexing?

    5. Google analytics compatible?

  • Hi Steve!

    1 we use the regular WordPress editor so especially if you switch to text mode, you have as much control over your html as with any other theme!

    2 The look of the landing page (i.e. sections) is reserved for only the front page as of now

    3 yes definitely! and very easily that is!

    4 the theme takes proper care of hierarchy in the markup and it can be used with the popular AllinOne SEO and Yoast's SEO!

    5 yes!

    Would be happy to see you in our dedicated support forum soon :)
    All the best
    Thanks and all the best!

    – Mel (inactive - I wish you guys all the best! xo Mel)