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    Hi Mel,
    maybe it's just me? But I spent a lot of time searching for the 'reply' button, and failed to find one. Firefox OSX 10.10. I can send you a screen grab if you like.

    Thumbnail gallery question is answered thank you, it does seem possible, but obviously not within the theme.

    I think you need to look again at the 'Multi Page Ready' statement. If you can have unlimited individual pages, why categorize it as a one page item? Also one wouldn't normally look under 'Typography' to add more pages, i.e. Typography is Typography!

    Ah well, have an awesome day:) Kindest regards, Gerald.
  • Hmm thank you for letting me know, the button should be here (screenshot attached)

    The main focus of the theme definitely lies on the front page - it has a lot of features that are exclusive to the front page, but due to high demand the developers adjusted the item to be more versatile and listened to the customers' feedback to add more functionality.

    Indeed the content of the Typography page is "Typography", but my intention was to show you what "multi page" means - so basically, creating a page that says "I'm a page" would not be clever, so why not show you a page that has actual content in it? :)

    I am glad I could help and hope you're having a fantastic holiday season!
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    Thanks and all the best!

    – Mel (inactive - I wish you guys all the best! xo Mel)