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    I am contacting you because our department is interested in buying a WordPress Theme.

    However, before buying, we have a few questions, which I’ve listed below. If you are not able to help me with these questions, please let me know, and please put me in contact with someone that can help me. Thank you.

    - Are prices in Canadian?

    - We are interested in the Brooklyn theme. It looks like this is a Parallex theme. Is it possible to get the ‘look’ of this theme, but without Parallex?

    - We are also interested in the Philanthropy Theme. This theme features rolling images and rolling text. We would like to change it to a static image with rolling text. Is this possible?

    Thank you in advance.
  • Hi

    1. All prices are USD
    2. You do not need to add Parallax sections, you can remove them or alter them according to your needs
    3. Please get in touch with the authors of Philanthropy for questions about their theme.

    All the best
    Thanks and all the best!

    – Mel (inactive - I wish you guys all the best! xo Mel)