Brooklyn pre-sale question

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  • Brooklyn pre-sale question

    I really like the Brooklyn template but there is a few things I'd like to know.
    First of all, I'd like to how hard it is to integrate my own Javascript scripts, or if this is possible at all.
    I've been looking at the paralax section, but it's only one-layer paralax. Is it possible to do something like they do on this webpage? Or maybe, something like this other page? (like the round thing in the center)

    Thank you
  • Hi!

    You have full access to all of the theme files, you can put your custom js file into our header.php file as you please :)
    I looove such parallax websites, absolutely stunning - unfortunately this is not part of the theme as it's reeeally complicated to create an option for that that will suit thousands of users while catering to every individual need. Those parallax effects require custom solutions I'm afraid.
    Thanks and all the best!

    – Mel (inactive - I wish you guys all the best! xo Mel)