Does video background effect performance?

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  • Does video background effect performance?


    I am very interested in the Brooklyn theme to potentially use to build out a couple of client sites, but would like to have a better understanding for how well the site performance holds up, once some of the heavier features, such as video background are implemented into the site. I love the way the video background looks and it seemed to play nicely in the demo. I understand that obviously, some of these things will depend on where the video is hosted. However, all things considered, if the video is hosted on a strong and reliable host and is a brief maybe 30 second explainer video, the way it is on one of the demos where a woman is speaking about the company, how well does the site speed and overall performance hold up? I like the feature and one of my clients seems to like it as well, but they are nervous because they saw a competitor use this type of feature with a different theme and their site's performance, speed, etc seemed to suffer. Also, will these videos play on all browsers? Finally and perhaps most importantly, will the videos also be mobile responsive with the rest of the theme or will a still image background need to be selected for mobile use?

    Thank you so much for anyh information and insight you can provide and I hope Brooklyn ends up being the theme I have been looking for
  • Hi again!

    The best indicator and answer to all your questions is to check our demos out. You can see the site speed and the mobile behavior really well in our demos.

    In short: the performance of the website can potentially be really good even with a self hosted background video, but the whole website needs to play together well accordingly. i.e. image sizes, plugins, other content has to work together in order to have a good loading speed.

    The hero background (!) videos will not be available on mobile due to the resource intensity. A poster image will be used instead. Videos in revolution slider or embed codes will still play on mobile and be responsive (please view our demos as a reference if you wish).

    Warm regards
    Thanks and all the best!

    – Mel (inactive - I wish you guys all the best! xo Mel)